Hey. I'm Jose Sanchez.

I'm a software developer who's mainly had experience with JavaScript.

Most Recent Work Experience

Vail Systems

Vail creates software for businesses and phones.

- Developing an internal web app with NestJS and React-Admin. - Created tools to manage automated communications like text messages.

Foundation & Program Experience

Seneca Foundation

Seneca helps students in underrepresented communities get into tech.

- Developed social media site for other apprentices to use, with React and Nest.JS. - Tutored student on matters related to computer science, like JavaScript.


While I've mostly done work for internships, I have worked on other projects at home. Here's a sample of what I've been up to.


This is a Rust program that updates Discord Rich Presence information, so you can share music status or a watched movie with friends. It currently works with Linux (and Plex/Tautulli on any platform), with Windows support planned soon.



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CTA Pi Tracker

An app meant to get information from the CTA Train Tracker API and display it with a Raspberry Pi. Voice control was included and allowed the user to navigate to certain routes.



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College Explorer

Made for a app challenge, college-explorer was an app based on React.js and Firebase that allowed people to easily compare colleges and keep track of application status.


React.js,Firebase,Python (Scraping)

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